Saturday, September 3, 2011

Applique T-shirts

Our little Eldon has a lot of hand-me-down shirts from his brother. Well, actually, most of his clothes are hand-me-downs from his brother. And being such, a good few have quite a few stains. Not horrible ones (those mostly get thrown out) but ones that make it so it's not a "public approved" shirt.

So I decided to experiment. When Hayden was younger, as my first sewing project EVER my mom taught me how to applique a onesie with fabric and just a running embroidery stitch. I love love love doing it. So i decided to try to cover some of the stains with fabric and embroidery.

Since it is football season (and my husband is raving mad about BYU) I knew a football shirt was necessary, and then the blue shirt just called out to me for fish. I traced *and slightly modified* the images from the computer by placing a blank peace of paper against my screen. BEST WAY EVER to trace and image. If you need to make it larger, simply save the image and zoom in. Make sense? If you have any questions i can take pictures to help it make sense. After I just cut out my fabric, applied Heat-n-Bond to the back, and embroidered around them. I did figure out a trick though! *yay!* I always seem to get Heat-n-Bond onto my ironing board or my iron which is so not a good idea! Soooo... i have a solution!

I just love love love love love love the way they turned out! Now two NEVER worn shirts will become regulars in the rotation! I have a few more shirt i might just have to experiment with! Just a fun and EASY project!! Now it's your turn!

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