Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Best Crochet Hats

These are the hats that actually turned out well. I was really proud of them actually. Sadly, the ones for Ezra are getting too small, but at least i have gotten better at crocheting. I also made the hat for Eldon. He looks darling in it! Now it just needs to get cold... *looks outside* oh wait, it's still in the high 90's/low 100s here. *sigh* Someday.

Oh yes, and enjoy the adorable baby and handsome 2 year old. I had fun taking pictures of Ezra during a 'newborn' shoot. He didn't really want to sleep so this is all I got but i still love them! What a handsome boy!

(and yes, he is covered in mud. Impromptu photoshoot :) )

Crochet Crowns

Rarely do i get to make things for girls. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE having boys... but... sometimes... i need the color pink!

So luckily i had two friends with little girls who were having birthdays. And while i would have loved to make EVERYTHING that goes into their presents, i instead decided to make the lace crowns and to make a crochet crown. I used the Royal Crown pattern from Sunset Crochet. I really like her patterns. I own about 10. It's getting to be an addiction. You should see what is happening to my yarn collections. Yikes. Like i need TWO things to hoard! haha

The first (i don't have a picture) used a light pink yarn and this used variegated yarn. I love the look of the variegated! It was an easy crochet and worked up really quick! Hopefully she likes it!

Charlie's Shirt

I made my son Hayden a Charlie's shirt by Made by Rae. I made one for Eldon when he turned one, but hadn't ever made one for Hayden. So i brushed off the pattern and cut one out for my oldest son! He thought it was pretty cool. I love that he likes the things I make for him. He's pretty awesome!

We did a little photoshoot to try to show off the shirt. I never edited the photos... sorry! Just trying to get them posted! Here is my darling Hayden being... himself... :)What a great boy!

And every photoshoot has to end with a shot like this:

Noodle Necklaces

Over the summer a group of women decided to try making a craft group. I was in charge of it. For our first meeting together we did a planning meeting and dyed noodles to use as beads. We followed this noodle dying tutorial. They turned out really really well!

The boys love making their necklaces! Do you see the intense concentration on their faces? It was an easy and cheap project that made A TON of noodles!

Ezra Quilt

It took me forever to decide what type of quilt i wanted to make for our new little guy Ezra. I knew i wanted it to be big (for it to fit past the itty bitty baby stage). One day while perusing pinterest, i saw this amazing quilt from Blue Elephant Stitches Granny Squares. She used her to bust her stash, but I used wanted to use specific fabric {Seaside by Riley Blake}. I'm almost done... update soon... hand quilting takes forever... plus having a baby in the middle of it all! 

These pictures are of the process as I went along. Such a beautiful quilt!

Practice Crochet Hats

Back when i was in college i learned how to crochet from my friend Sarise, but at the time, i really only knew how to edge a blanket. 

Being big and pregnant, i wanted to try making some crochet hats because i knew i could make them for a lot cheaper than I could buy them on etsy. Problem was, i didn't know how to make them.

Luckily my good friend Annie stepped in and taught me everything i know! (She's really really good... i should show you what SHE makes!)

It took me quite a few practice hats to learn how to do them right. I purchased a lot of hat patterns from Sunset Crochet and i really love them. 

These hats were mostly practice because unfortunately, i didn't realize how tightly i crochet... and... well... they never fit my son! :)

Lace Crowns

I may be a terrible mom for it... but my boys LOVE modeling the stuff I make. It makes me so happy that they do. So when i make things for little girls, they want to model those too!

I made two sets of these crowns (one for someone Hayden's age, and one for someone Eldon's age). They were very  happy to have me make them for them and even begged me to make them some. 

I used Little Inspiration's tutorial for Lace crowns. I used mod podge {honestly because i though starch was the same as fabric stiffener (it's not) and had gone a wee bit over budget}. It didn't make my crowns quite as stiff as hers, but it did make them a bit flexible which with little girls, might be nice. 

I love my boys and their silly posing faces :)

Maxi Skirts

I'm attempting to update my blog with *most* of the stuff i made this summer. It's just been crazy, and i always feel somewhat dead when i am pregnant. Joy. 

Back in July, my mom, the boys, and I hit the fabric district. it was like candy land. Oh man that place was great. Unfortunately I had wasted most of my budget and I only had a little bit to spend... which i did :)

With my 20+ yards of fabric I made 4 maxi skirts. One is not posted. Two were full length and two were medi length. I used this tutorial by Elle Apparel to make this skirts. They are super easy. I made a few modifications, but nothing much. I always angle my waistband in more. I still love them post pregnancy too!