Monday, September 19, 2011

Twirly (Waves) Skirt Revisited

So I am officially re-naming the twirly skirt the WAVES skirt. teehee. Get it? WAVES and winks? Much more appropriate.

I finally decided after wearing it for a few hours today that it was too short. Tisk. So i set out to fix it without making it look too "i-made-a-skirt-too-short-and-need-to-fix-it." I'm really happy with it and i feel like i succeeded. I only added about 2" but man oh man what a difference it made!

I really like the lace detail. I i still love the waves. It seriously is one of my favorite skirts! And now i am modest (even when picking up the babies) :o)...

P.S. I had a major flop of a time with the Tee for Two pattern today. I will try again though. I just need a heavier weighted knit!

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