Friday, November 18, 2011

Refashioned Felted Sweater

In our household my husband is in charge of doing laundry... mostly. OKAY. Story. I seem to be unable to do laundry. So as a compromise my husband agreed to do laundry if i do the dishes and most everything else. He helps a ton around the house, but it just made me less stressed to think that i didn't HAVE to do the laundry.

So he has these WOOL sweaters he loves. Last year he washed and dried one, which made him sad so we went out and bought 2 more of these $30 sweaters from TJMAXX. Well, yesterday i found one in the laundry. All. Shrunk. Up. But it was still cute and I thought I could try to make it into a little sweater for Hayden, my oldest.

So, you wanna make a sweater for your little boy too?

Take your husband's sweater and cut off the arms and band to the right size for your child {i actually measured mine on Hayden himself so i don;t have a pattern. But you can totally easily draw a pattern}

Take you bottom band pieces and RIGHT sides together pin the bands to your sweater. {You should have cut the bands so they only have 1/2 inch or whatever you inseam is left} AND {Fun tip here, if you do use a serger or even if you use a sewing machine, pin your pins parallel to the edge so that you don't catch them. This is imperative for pinning with a serger. It works great and eliminates an extra step}

Trace and exisiting piece of clothing and make the sleeves. I used my son's 4T sweater i love! {also try to go with something a little big. It helps}

Your sleeves all cut out!

Serge/sew your band on.

Pin and sew your sleeves on to your main body. Make you you do RIGHT sides together!

All serged/sewn up!

This step isn't completely necessary but i hate how serges have a tendency to fray so i fray check the ends and then....

I feed the tail back through the serging for a few stitches or so. If you were sewing you would BACKSTITCH but you can't with a serger so this works well and since you don't have hems like you normally would it keep them from loosening up.

Then you are done! Admire you handiwork and wait for you ever adorable son to wake up so you can take pictures! ;)

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  1. This is a great tutorial, Kelly! I love how your sweater turned out... it destined to be Hayden's!