Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We Are Thankful Turkey

Every Monday night we have a "Family Night". It's really fun and a good excuse to get together and just sing songs and learn about Jesus and such. For this Family Night we decided to learn about being Thankful and the first Thanksgiving.

After seeing a post on a friend's Facebook i realized immediately that i had to make something more fun. So i ran around the house and scrounged up what i could and whipped up our "Thankful Turkey" and i wanted to show you a basic way of how-to, too!

Grab your supplies: Cardboard box, scissors, Mod Podge, SHARPIE (don't use markers... they bleed... i learned the wrong way!), scrapbook paper.

Cut out a piece of the cardboard and Mod Podge the Paper over the cardboard.

Take a cute picture of your son :)

Mod Podge over the paper once dry to seal it.

I have a silhouette so i used my Silhouette to cut out letters but you can use pre-cuts or hand cut letters or hand write them.

Mod Podge letters to cardboard and scrapbook paper.

Cut out feathers. {Just as easy by hand... but my Silhouette did it for me while i Mod Podged}

Write all the things you are thankful for. Or some of them. To write all of them would take AT LEAST a full wall. These were the first we came up with!

Mod Podge the Feather to the board. Cover with a Turkey you cut out and made. Mine i just winged by hand. No need for the Silhouette! :) Cover with Mod Podge and let sit over night.

Hang on the wall or display in a prominent place. This is in the playroom right now. I think it's a good place to remind the kids to be THANKFUL.

And don't forget to be Thankful this Thanksgiving. We really are pretty darn blessed! Now go make a Turkey of your own!!

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