Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cascading Ruffle Skirt

Now if I had to pick favorite Christmas present that I made (or at all for that matter) this would be it. I absolutely and completely adore this skirt. It's based on the Cascading Ruffle Skirt by Lil Blue Boo (p.s. if you don't read Lil Blue Boo, you should. Ashley is a remarkable woman!). I wanted to make something fun and young for my little 6 year old niece.

I love love love how it turned out. It has so much flounce and bounce. She wasn't the most excited to get it--i mean when all the cousins are getting toys, why did she get clothes--but i still think it is pretty amazing.

I rolled hemmed the edges for a more finished look and then used fabric paint to stencil her name and a little design for a tag of sorts.

I also bought a $5 tee from Target and stenciled a flower that matched the one on the "tag" for her. I really love how they look together! So yeah... i think it's awesome! :)

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