Friday, February 3, 2012

Made by Rae Skinny Tee Test

I am so honored today to get to share with you a shirt I made with the test pattern by Rae or at It's for the skinny shirt. She mentioned it in a post a week ago and I just sent a casual email asking when she thought it might be done so I could possibly use it to make a shirt for Hayden for his birthday {the big 3. Oh my goodness. He cannot be THREE}. Well, lo and behold she responds and offers to let me test the pattern. Wow! I was like through the roof! I literally spent the next few days waiting to see if i would REALLY be able to test the pattern. {i think i checked my email a zillion times...haha}

Well, I can report that the pattern is amazing. No surprise. I have quite a few patterns by Rae and they are all great. This pattern is for a pretty back little kids tee and it is open to SO many possibilities! I can't wait. I have this shirt of Hayden's I've been wanting to try and "re-create" and this is the perfect pattern for it. I highly recommend it!

Thank you again Rae! That was great fun!

Do you want to hear a funny terrible story about this shirt? Yeah?! Well, I did the stenciling on the fabric (see below) and when I was finishing it up, my boys were watching with me. I looked down and saw red spots on my fabric...BLOOD! BLOOD! Do you know how hard it is to get blood out of white fabric? I quickly looked at my children and pulled the fabric away as I exclaimed, "Stop bleeding on my fabric! Who is bleeding on my fabric?!" It only took me a few more seconds to think **Gee, Kelly. There is blood. Why is there blood? How is there blood. Wait. Blood?! What happened? My child is hurt. Ahhh!** But that was definitely not my first reaction. haha. Welcome to reality. Right?!

{For the shirt i used an interlock knit from Joanns (it's def not my favorite fabric. I need to stock up on nice knits, but i am just starting to really be daring with  my knits). I used a stencil I made on my Silhouette and then painted the lightning bolts onto the fabric! Worst part?! I ran out of fabric on accident. haha So i had to make a mad dash to Joanns to get more! Luckily I still got it done on time!}

Can you tell he loves having his picture taken? I'm just so happy! He absolutely loves it. I absolutely love it. That is what i call a successful tee! :)

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  1. This is ADORABLE! I love the lightning bolts and the applique. I tested the pattern too - love love love it. :)