Friday, February 10, 2012

Table Runner

I made my mom a table runner to match her tree skirt from last year. It's from the same fabrics from Joanns. I tried to make it pretty long.

Funny. So my mom apparently likes to call and explain to me all about how she is going to make the presents I just finished for her in a few weeks. Yes. My mom calls me and goes "hey sweetie. I am going to make a table runner with my new Bernina {rub it in}....yada yada yada" The whole time I am sitting there going Yeah, i just finished a table runner for you yesterday

I am happy to say she likes it. Well... honestly... i don't think she would tell me if she didn't. I followed the same system as I did with my mom's tree skirt and I think it is pretty cute. It looks better on her table than on mine! :)

I'm all done showing you the things from Christmas! *Phew* I wasn't sure i was ever going to be done! :)

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