Monday, December 17, 2012


 I really have to thank my dear friend Annie for the idea for these. We were thinking of making them for my church craft group, and then they didn't, so we made them anyways. This is our snowman family. Cute, huh?

The original tutorial (found here) used scrapbook paper and modpodge for the faces and hats. I decided to use my silhouette. I cut out the snowflakes, trees, stars, and faces and then painted them. I don't trust myself free hand, so i think it turned out better than me trying :)

What do you think? Do the Tanners look good in 2x4 Snowman form?

The boys. H, E, and Ez. I think i am actually going to write each of their letters on them. So cute!

The ever so dashing Nicholas :)

And Me :)

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