Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crochet Gifts

A friend of mine found out last fall that her (at the time) 5 month old son had cancer. And not a good cancer. A very bad form of Leukemia. It broke my heart. I really wanted to be able to help, but i knew that being 1,000 miles away would make it really hard to do much. So my husband and I decided we wanted to send them a few small gifts. Nothing too much. But one thing i really wanted was to make something for all the kids. They have 4 little kids all under 5. Yikes, right?! Luckily they are now close to family so that is amazing. 

This all happened over a month ago, but i'm slow at blogging! haha The snowman hat was for the little boy with cancer. He looked really really cute. I was just happy to be able to do something...

Their two year old is just a few days younger than Eldon, our two year old. So i made him a football hat. It wasn't perfect and it had a lot of issues, but i did my best. And i think it looks good enough :)

I love making crowns. And my boys love crowns. They are always jealous when i make them for someone else. My friend has two girls about 5 and 4 and I thought they needed crowns. Every girl needs a crown! So i made two crowns. The pink one was manipulated by me into a new pattern and i like how it turned out! Yay!

I sure hope they like all of them! I just wanted to do something :)

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