Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Superhero Shields

So... keeping up with this blog is difficult. I don't really do a lot of extra crafting these days because keeping up with my sweet little ones is busy enough. But alas, i can still try to catch up :)

A few months ago my sweet little boys wanted super hero shields. They got capes from their Grandma for Christmas and my oldest wanted a shield to go with it. (side note: He really says "to go with it" and it's really cute. Imagine reading If You Give A Moose A Muffin and you will get his "to go with it")...

So i decided to improvise. And i thought I would share with you how i did it. I don't have any pictures, but it's pretty easy.

Things you need:
-a bowl
-a box
-box cutter/razor thing
-duct tape
-paint brush
*optional-vinyl, silhouette

1) Grab your box. Take your bowl and put it on top of the box. Trace the bowl with the pen. Put the bowl back on the floor.
2) Cut out the circle using the box cutter. Also cut out a rectangle about half the diameter (or the same length as the radius) and about 2 inches wide
3) Cover the cut out circle and the rectangle with duct tape. You should now look like you have a shield of sorts.
4) Bend the rectangle into a box shape to use as your handle. Tape it to the back of your shield.
5) Now this is where i used my silhouette to cut out a Superman and Captain America logo. You could easily freehand it, but whatever you do, place it or stencil it onto the front of your superhero shield.
6) Paint it.
7) I used a light layer of laquer over it so that the paint didn't scratch off.
8) Let your kids play with it!

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