Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Decorations

Sunday morning i woke up with an itch. An insatiable need to decorate my house for Halloween. It could have been realizing that Halloween was a week away. Or hearing that child predators were forbidden to decorate their houses {yes, where i live i wanted to make sure i was VERY decorated}. It might have been that i was done with costumes and still needed to feed my Halloween hunger.

Whatever it was. I fed the urge. I scratched the itch. I spent ALL MORNING decorating the house. {we get up a 05:30. Yeah. Killer}. I had a blast. I cut everything out with my silhouette machine {Have you seen the new CAMEO? Am i totally coveting it? Of course not... :o|}

We made bats and a web a la Dana @ MADE. Mine are not as plentiful as hers seeing as i have NO black paper. {note to self: buy black paper}. I made pumpkins and ghosts and hung them in the window and a vinyl haunted house with the words "BEWARE" above. It makes me happy. I like hanging out in our little Halloween house now! And since we finished our pumpkins last night {more about that tomorrow} i feel totally Halloweened! :)

I'm in LOVE with Photoshop... i haven;t gotten my official version yet... but my trial is making me happy!

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  1. Oooo! Look at all the bats!!! Awww man... I'm totally jealous you have a Silhouette.

    Happy Halloween!!!