Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Today I was sewing (Snoopy is aallllllmmooooooostt all done. It's darling. Just a FEW more touches and VOILA!) and I suddenly started laughing to myself. Four years ago when my husband and i got married, heck, two years ago when i got my sewing machine, I didn't have a needle or thread to my name.

I often thought "hmm... i really need to sew this button back on. Guess i'll wait to go home." haha. When i got my sewing machine, my mom had to buy EVERYTHING to go with it, even basics like a needle. Or a single spool of thread. She pretty much thought she was throwing away every cent of that money because no one {husband included} thought there was a chance i would actually get hooked on sewing. HA!

Now?! My house is cluttered with sewing stuff. There isn't a room spared from the disaster (well, maybe the bathrooms...). Nor is there a room without something Made by Me in it. It's fun. It's definitely my passion, and i just love love love it.

And when you are sewing for two things like this:
How can you not love it?

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  1. Aaaack!!! I can't stand it!!! That looks AWESOME!!! Good job, Kelly! And Woodstock is darling! Will he have a headpiece too?