Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My coffee table refinish

I refinishe our coffee table. It was a labor of love. I should look up a before, but i'm being lazy right now :) I just love how it turned out. It took over 5 months to finish so i am proud of the fact that it is done (oh and i did have a baby in those 5 months...)

It was the first time i have ever refinished something and i was constantly ordering a new product or back to the store to make it exactly how i wanted. I learned SOOOO much. Refinishing is a TON of work but it's really fun. And for solid hardwood construction we would have paid a heck of a  lot more...especially since the table was free to us from my parents.

I am sure it will get destroyed again slowly by my boys, but then I will redo it again. My next refinishing will be our kitchen table and then our new TV stand. The only hard thing about refinishing pieces you use is that you can't use them while you refinish. Hopefully I will be faster with those other pieces! :)

1 comment:

  1. Nice work. I really love it when you can make something so strong and useful come back to life rather than buy some cheap replacement.