Monday, July 18, 2011

Dr. Kendell Quilt

My sister graduated medical school last May. Yes, she is a doctor. Weird. Since i wanted her to know how proud of her i was, i did what i always do, i made a quilt. And i love it!

*isn't that a beautiful Doctor? I love her!*
I designed the pattern myself. It's a nine square cross inside a larger nine square cross. The cross is supposed to represent the Red Cross and all things medical. The fabric is from Joann and i love how it turned out. It was probably my most intense project yet. To quilt it, i quilted each of the red crosses in a cross pattern and the others are quilted in a square on the inside of the cross. You can see on the back how it looks in the "doctor" picture.

Sorry the pictures aren't better; once again they were taken quickly when i realized after giving the gift that i hadn't taken any pictures.

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