Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I downloaded the free trial version of Photoshop and man oh man do i feel like i walked into an entirely different world and a whole nother language! It is definitely going to take some work to figure it out! Good news is, though, that my pattern is almost 100% complete so i will probably be able to post it Thursday-ish.

*Photoshop has officially kicked my butt. I am totally lost and SO discouraged!*

Sewing is going slow. I'm out of fusible fleece and i'm being mildly lazy so i will get on the ball tomorrow. I excited for a new pattern i am working on also that will make my life SO much easier!

So yes... Photoshop=confusing, but awesome! toodles!

**oo, oo... and i made my first purchase of online non-quilting fabric! I am so excited! Chalk cloth, laminated cotton, poly poplin... so many wonderful sewing plans coming!!**

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