Friday, July 15, 2011

McCoy Quilt

Hello hello! So i am trying to go back and post many of the projects i have worked on over the last two years. It's not a terribly large amount, so this won't take too long!

This is the quilt i made for my little sister for her wedding. I loved the colors of the fabric and the quality was to die for. I will never quilt with generic fabric again! The quality was superb! The fabric was Moda (the same as Baby Hammy's quilt). I followed this tutorial from the Moda Bakeshop and it turned out beautifully! I added one extra row of diamonds so that it was a little wider for two people *newlyweds never separate*

The batting is a medium loft which made it extra comfy (and warm... sorry Garrett!) I hand sewed around the white diamonds with yellow and brown embroidery floss (similar to Baby Hammy Quilt) and i tied the larger colored diamonds with yarn.

I really liked how it turned out! I do love quilting (though it's seriously time consuming)!
*Pictures were taken during bridal shower... note to self: remember to take pictures!*

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