Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Little Boy Tie Pattern

The Little Boy Tie Pattern
(and bowtie too!)
Pattern found here!!
*this pattern is for home, personal use only.*

Haha! It's done! Feewph! *wipes sweat from brow*. That totally kicked my butt! Not nearly as simple as i thought it would be! But i learned a lot... and now i actually have a pattern. Yay! 

I added a bowtie part {thanks to my dad's request} so now there is a tie AND bowtie pattern. {my babies wore their bowties to church on Sunday. They were t.o.o. cute!}

Now here is the photo tutorial for the ties. I will add the bowtie photo tutorial tomorrrow:
  1.  Print out pattern. Cut out pattern pieces along desired lines.
  2.  Place pieces on a pressed piece of fabric {remember to wash and dry fabric first}. Cut out pattern pieces.
  3. Take your two main tie pattern pieces and place them RIGHT sides together. Pin around edges. Stitch 3/8” away from the edge, leaving a 2 inch space to turn it right side out.
  4.  Iron fusible fleece onto the wrong side of one side of the tie {the side with the fusible fleece will be the back side}.
  5.  Clip the corners {otherwise your points will have excess bulk}
  6. Turn Inside Out 
  7. Stitch the opening closed {either by hand or machine}
  8. Set aside main tie, and grab the neck strap. Fold in half.
  9. Fold tie neck strap in half. Press. Now fold the raw edges in onto the middle line you just created {just like bias tape}. Stitch close to the edge.
  10.   Place tie in U shape.
  11. Place Neck strap on top.
  12.  Fold Tie piece over and through the neck strap into a faux knot (see pictures)
  13. Tack in place.
  14. Attach tie tail holder.
  15. Sew on Velcro OR apply snaps.
  16. Place tie on your little boy and take LOTS of pictures! :o)

Coming tomorrow....
The Little Boy's Bowtie!
(photo tutorial)

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  1. This is too cute! And sounds very easy. I need to try these for my nephew. My son is 6, could these work for him too?