Friday, August 26, 2011

No-mess Bib II

I made another "no-mess bib." I also tried to throw together a bit of a rough tutorial for if anyone wanted to make one. I love this so much! It could easily be modified for any type of chair. If anyone wants me pattern i can scan it in, just let me know! The directions are in the pictures!

I'm so glad i found my bias tape! I love the bias tape version even better than the bib here. I had lost the tape before, but i really like both version. I made this one with a little more "extra" space because the last one was a wee-tight for my wiggling little guy. He kept popping the snaps off! I can't tell you how much i love this bib! If you have a chair like this... IT IS A MUST!

(i love my little model! :o))


  1. Can you make this in adult sizes!!

  2. This is great! Fabulous tutorial! Best of luck at the Crafting with the stars! :)

  3. Smart idea! Bibs are so skimpy, my son is covered in food regardless if he's wearing one or not. This would solve that!

    Good luck in Crafting with the Stars, this is definitely a deserving project :)

  4. Holly Smokes! I wish I could sew! I want one. :) Awesome idea!