Monday, August 1, 2011

Tie Pattern Preview.

So i've been working hard (and playing hard) to get my tie pattern all put together. I just need to add my BOWTIE portion to the pattern and we will be  up and running.

In order to test the pattern, i sat down and in one nap time i whipped up two ties and a bowtie. Yes. It was awesome. See... here is proof:
I'm a messy sewer :o)

Don't worry, life hasn't been all work and no play. We've played ball;
while wearing his new shorts mommy made him :o)
Flown airplanes;
yes, this is what happens when i try to have a photoshoot :o)
Practiced cooking up a storm;

Made silly faces;

Played in the pool in a rain (and maybe thunder) storm;

And, of course, reminded me of how gosh-darn lucky i am to have such NEARLY perfect children;

Now off to the base (or base airport as hayden would call it)!

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