Friday, August 12, 2011

No mess bib mock up

Our almost *tear* one-year-old sits in a seat that attaches to our table. We bought it for our two-and-a-half year old because we liked how he sat at the table with us. Problem is, it has always caused the worst messes EVER. There is about a two inch gap between the child and the chair which means when food misses the mouth {which is often} it goes right on to the floor. Gag. Our floors have to be vacuumed multiple times a day. Or... they are just not vacuumed {shhh... i didn't tell you that}. We have tried all the "food catching" bibs but alas, they hardly work. or they are too stiff... etc.

So i decided to come up with a solution. I bought some super beautiful Amy Butler laminated cotton...{mmm... nice fabric!} and am busting at the seams to cut it up.

BUT at $20 a yard i decided to make a mock {or two} before i butchered the beautiful fabric. Good plan. Because i definitely had some mods to make. Here is the first take on the new bib:

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  1. That bib is pretty awesome. How does it work for keeping the food in place? I really like the embroidery on your skirt too! You're pretty amazing.