Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Practice Crochet Hats

Back when i was in college i learned how to crochet from my friend Sarise, but at the time, i really only knew how to edge a blanket. 

Being big and pregnant, i wanted to try making some crochet hats because i knew i could make them for a lot cheaper than I could buy them on etsy. Problem was, i didn't know how to make them.

Luckily my good friend Annie stepped in and taught me everything i know! (She's really really good... i should show you what SHE makes!)

It took me quite a few practice hats to learn how to do them right. I purchased a lot of hat patterns from Sunset Crochet and i really love them. 

These hats were mostly practice because unfortunately, i didn't realize how tightly i crochet... and... well... they never fit my son! :)

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