Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Maxi Skirts

I'm attempting to update my blog with *most* of the stuff i made this summer. It's just been crazy, and i always feel somewhat dead when i am pregnant. Joy. 

Back in July, my mom, the boys, and I hit the fabric district. it was like candy land. Oh man that place was great. Unfortunately I had wasted most of my budget and I only had a little bit to spend... which i did :)

With my 20+ yards of fabric I made 4 maxi skirts. One is not posted. Two were full length and two were medi length. I used this tutorial by Elle Apparel to make this skirts. They are super easy. I made a few modifications, but nothing much. I always angle my waistband in more. I still love them post pregnancy too!

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  1. HI! Welcome back! Oh man... you mean the LA fabric district?! I LOOOVE that place!

    You look great!